Department of oil and gas geology


Head of the department: Professor Myroslav Pavlyuk, Academician of NAS of Ukraine

The department of oil and gas geology was founded in 1961.

There are 22 employees working at the department of oil and gas geology, among their number are 2 Doctors of Science, one of them is a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and 4 Candidates of Science.

Main trends of researches of the department are:

  • studying the problem of oil and gas formation from the point of view of recent geological conceptions;
  • studying the law-governed nature of the formation and distribution of oil and gas fields in the earth’s crust.

According to these directions, the following researches were carried out:

The development of the hypothesis of the origin of oil and gas according to which natural oil and gas are the products of interaction of deep-seated (mantle) hydrogen-carbon- hydrocarbon gases and light oils (condensates) and organic matter of sedimentary rocks.

Substantiation of geocyclicity and influence of the earth’s and cosmic factors upon the formation of the oil- and gas-bearing provinces and the distribution of oil and gas reserves throughout the paleolatitudes of the globe.

Working out of the geological-geophysical and geochemical models of the formation of the oil- and gas-bearing provinces of the Ukraine, such as Carpathian, Dnieper-Donets and Sea of Azov-Black Sea provinces.

Substantiation of formational sequence of the Mesozoic-Cainozoic complexes of the Sea of Azov-Black Sea region as an indicator of geodynamic forces of tension or compression and isostasy, determination of intermediate, between the Alpine-type and Germano-type character, local folding and the development of a new classification of types of local folds-traps of oil and gas.

It was proved that principal motive powers of tectogenesis are the processes occurred in the bowels of the Earth and initiated the movement of the lithosphere plates the interaction of which causes all the peculiarities of the structure and the evolution of Pannonian-Carpathian-Dinarides region and influenced the formation and the law-governed nature of the distribution of useful minerals, including oil and gas.

Determination of possible aspects of the processes of migration and accumulation of oils and condensates of the Southern oil- and gas-bearing region of the Ukraine based on the study of their geochemical properties.

The development of geodynamic criteria of oil and gas potential (geodynamic regime of the region; a genetic type and a rank of geostructures; lithodynamic complexes; traps of oil and gas; disjunctive dislocations; geodynamic regime of the hydrocarbon deposits formation; the processes of their migration and the time of formation of oil and gas accumulations) and determination on this basis of the prospects of oil and gas presence in the regions of the Ukraine.

Determination of perspective reservoirs of hydrocarbons of non-anticlinal type (buried reefs, stratigraphically- and disjunctively-screened etc.) in Volyn-Podillya and substantiation of new exploratory objects: Paleozoic and Riphean deposits of Precarpathia.

Results of investigations were presented in numerous scientific reports, 234 publications, including 10 monographs (2000–2014).

On the basis of the obtained results it was possible to develop recommendations for carrying out geological-prospecting and drilling works, in particular National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has accepted for introduction the scientific-practical development “Substantiation of plots for parametric drilling and seismic surveying within the limits of the Volyn-Podillya plate and the Outer zone of the Carpathian Foredeep” as well as proposals as to execution of complex geological-geophysical studies on concretization of the location of Silurian buried reefs of the Volyn-Podillya region.

The employees of the department actively participated in numerous scientific conferences, such as: 32d International Geological Congress (Italy, 2004), 18th CBGA Congress (Serbia, 2006), 33d International Geological Congress (Norway, 2008), 19th CBGA Congress (Greece, 2010).

The department carries out fruitful scientific cooperation with geological institutions of Austria, China, Polish and Slovak investigators, resulted in publication of the Geological Map of Border Territories of Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia.

Together with other departments of the institute, the department of oil and gas geology is a basic structure of the Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the problem “Geology and geotechnology of combustible minerals”, as well as of the Research Committee “Earth Sciences” of Western Scientific Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In 2003, the head of the department, the Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Professor Myroslav Pavlyuk was rewarded by the Medal for Labour Distinction.