International scientific and scientific-technical cooperation

Institute continued the long-term relations with geo¬logical institutions, scientific centers and academies of sciences of foreign countries, namely:

Carrying out of joint scientific-research works. Such works were per¬formed with the State Geological Institute (Warsaw, Poland) in accordance with the agreed themes. Financing of business trips, payments for analyses, expeditions and field trips was provided by the Polish party. Scientific and scientific-technical cooperation was carried out on the following directions:

  1. Study of deep structure and oil and gas bearing of Carpathians and their foreland.
  2. Chemical history of ocean water composition.
  3. Badenian and Sarmatian reefs of Medobory (Ukraine): influence of local and regional changes of Paratethys environment.
  4. Preliminary investigation of geochemical conditions of wooly rhinoceroses and mammoths occurrence in Quaternary of the area of Starunia (Ukrainian Carpathians).
  5. Study of diagenetic processes succession in anhydrite sequences and chemical composition of marine water in Devonian ocean.
  6. Geoecology of boundary regions of Ukraine and Poland.

List of organizations, with which the Institute has the agreements on scientific and scientific-technical cooperation:

  • Geological Survey of Slovakian Republic (Bratislava);
  • Polish State Geological Institute (Warsaw);
  • Staszic Polish Mining Academy;
  • Oil and Gas Institute, Krakow;
  • Regional department of Geological Bureau Geonafta (Cracow);
  • Department of Geological Bureau Geonafta of the Polish Enterprise of Geophysical Research (Warsaw);
  • Society of Investigations of the Environment “Geosfera” (Cracow);
  • State Unitary Enterprise “Arcticmorneftegasrazvedka” (Murmansk);
  • Russian Company on Shelf Development “Rosshelf’ (Moscow);
  • State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (Baku);
  • Institute of Geological Sciences of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (Minsk).

During 2001-2003 the Institute participated in the Investment Fair within the framework of the International Economic Forum on transboundary cooperation in Lviv. In 2001-2006 it was the organizer and co-organizer of 26 scientific conferences, seminars and symposia. The International Scien¬tific Conference “Geology of Combustible Minerals of Ukraine” and VIII Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of National Acade¬my of Sciences of Ukraine and National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” organized and realized by the Institute in 2001 should be espe¬cially noted.

Members of the staff of the Institute participated in numerous govern¬mental and international conferences, namely: 32nd International Geologi¬cal Congress (Florence, Italy); 75th and 76th Congresses of Polish Geologi¬cal Society; International Conference “Oil and Gas of Arctic Shelf (Murmansk, Russia); international scientific and practical conferences “Resources of Natural Waters of Carpathian Region” (2004-2006); annual international conferences in Ivano-Frankivsk, Gurzuf etc.

International Projects of the Institute:

  • European Union Neighbourhood Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine INTERREG IIIA/TACIS CBC – Project NEB/PL/PDK/2.1/05/268 “Polish-Ukrainian Center of Cooperation for Landfill Gas Control”, 2006 – 2008.;
  • European Union Neighbourhood Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine INTERREG IIIA/TACIS CBC – Project NEB/PL/PDK/2.1/06/268 “Escalation of Natural Gas – Polish-Ukrainian Problem of Near Karpatians”, 2007 – 2008.
  • project № 89/PPR2016/IN
    “Increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in Lviv region by implementation of innovative technologies using local energy resources”
    Polish-Ukrainian Platform of Innovation in Energy