Academician of NAS of Ukraine
Myroslav Pavlyuk

Myroslav Pavlyuk is a specialist in the field of geology of combustible minerals; his scientific interests are concentrated on the key problems of oil and gas geology, tectonics, re-lations between formations, geological evolution and oil-gas potential, on the development of the methods of for-mational and comparative-tectonic analyses for prediction and estimation of oil-gas potential of concrete regions (southern and western parts of the Ukraine, space wa-ter of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov and new weakly-studied regions of the world, spe-cifically arctic Barents and Kara Seas). He was the first who carried out the formational analysis of oil- and gas-bearing complexes of the south of the Ukraine that is one of the direc-tions of priority in the modern geology and is of theoretical and practical importance.

In 1965 he graduated from the geological faculty of the Lviv I. Franko State Univer-sity. Since 1965 he is working at the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine holding the posts of engineer, senior engineer, junior research worker (1965-1970). In 1970-1973 he studied at the post-graduate course under the leadership of Academician G. Dolenko. In 1974 he defended the dissertation for a candidate’s degree “Peculiarities of tectonics of the Central Black Sea region (in connec-tion with oil and gas presence)” by speciality “Geotectonics”. From 1974 till 1983 he was a scientific secretary of the Institute; in 1987-1988 – a head of the laboratory of problems of oil and gas presence in water space, since 1988 till present day – a head of the department of oil and gas geology.

In 1997 he defended a dissertation for a doctor’s degree “Mesozoic-Cainozoic evolution and oil-gas potential of the Sea of Azov-Black Sea shelf. Since 1998 he holds a post of deputy di-rector on scientific work, since 2000 – director of the Institute.

A corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 2006. Professor on speciality: “Geology of oil and gas” (2005).

More than 160 scientific works published in domestic and foreign issues, including 13 monographs, are the works of M. Pavlyuk.

The main monographs with Pavlyuk’s authorship: “Tectonics and formations of the area of junction of the East European Platform and Scythian plate” (1978); “Facial peculiari-ties of the Cretaceous deposits of the south of the Ukraine” (1981); “Geological formations of oil- and gas-bearing provinces of Ukraine” (1984); “Geology of the shelf of UkrSSR” (1986); “Fractured tectonics and oil-gas potential of Ukraine” (1989); “Geodynamics and oil-gas po-tential of Arctic regions” (1993); “Pancardi: problems of evolution” (2004); “Oil-gas potential of rifts” (2004); “Carpathian oil- and gas-bearing province” (2004); “Geodynamic evolution and oil- and gas-bearing potential of the Sea of Azov-the Black Sea and of the Barents Sea pericontinental shelves” (2014).

M. Pavlyuk was the organizer and the participant of many international and domestic scientific conferences, symposiums, meetings on urgent problems of geotectonics and oil-gas potential. He is continually engaged in training of scientific specialists of high qualification, 4 dissertations for a candidate’s degree were defended. A new scientific school “Geodynamics of oil- and gas-bearing provinces” was created by him at the Institute.

He is a head of Academic Council on the problem “Geology and geochemistry of combustible minerals” of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, he is Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals”, a member of editorial board of the journal “Geodynamics”, a head of specialized council on defence of the doctor’s and candidate’s dissertations at the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a member of Bureau of the Western Science Centre (WSC) of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and a head of the com-mittee “Earth’s Sciences” of the WSC, Academician of the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy (UOGA) and a member of the Presidium of UOGA. In 2003 he was awarded with the medal “For work and achievements”.